PTE Summarise Spoken Text

PTE Summarise Spoken Text

PTE Summarise Spoken Text | PTE Exam Summarise Spoken Text

1) How are you scored in PTE Summarise Spoken Text?


2 Provides a good summary of the text. All relevant aspects are mentioned

1 Provides a fair summary of the text, but one or two aspects are missing

0 Omits or misrepresents the main aspects


2 Contains 50-70 words

1 Contains 40-49 words or 71-100 words

0 Contains less than 40 words or more than 100 words.

Summary is written in capital letters, contains no punctuation or consists only of bullet points or very short sentences


2 Correct grammatical structures

1 Contains minimal grammatical errors

0 Defective grammatical structures


2 Appropriate choice of words      1 Some lexical errors    0 Defective word choice


2 Correct spelling     1 One spelling error      0 More than one spelling error

An important point to note regarding the scoring is that you get 2 for content as long as you summarise the main point and few essential supporting points. The rest of the scoring is for form (2), grammar (2), vocabulary (2) and spelling (2). The reason I mention this is to stress the importance of writing in correct form and make sure what you write is spelling and grammar mistake free. The key message is not to worry too much if you miss out some points while listening the audio. Just summarize what you have understood in neat and grammatical structure, and also make sure double check if there is spelling mistake as you will lose one mark from one typo.

2) Make sure you summarise the main point and include the supporting points

When you take notes using an erasable note-board booklet, whilst you listen to the recording, make sure you note down the supporting points as well as the main idea. From your notes, you can then summarise the main point and refer briefly to the essential supporting points, which will gain you good marks for content.

Write quickly and neatly as you will need to reread your own handwriting. Messy scrawl is impossible to read and does not help you to recall the content of speech. So, take up a reasonable amount of space on the notepad with your notes and do not cram them into a corner.

3) Remember to check grammar, spelling and punctuation

In your 50-70 word summary, you will be scored on the enabling skills of grammar, spelling and vocabulary.

Please leave yourself 1-2 minutes after you have written your summary to check your sentences for things like subject/verb agreement, tenses and word order.

Use grammatical structures that you can use confidently, and words that you are sure you have spelled correctly. Finally, check your punctuation: check full stops and commas, and make sure you have begun each sentence with a capital letter:

Summarise Spoken TextSo, the keys are:

  • Prepare SST section with Real Exam Question Bank before taking the exam
  • Listen well
  • Take great notes of the topic and main ideas
  • Write down what you can remember hearing after the recording has stopped
  • Review the draft making corrections
  • Submit!

If you would like to practice SST, our online platform below (100% real exam questions) is a great place to start!, please visit PTE Summarise Spoken Text Audio page to practice all real exam audio recording.

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